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  • David Bloomfield

My Date with Destiny

My 2018 has been the year of breakthroughs and the turning point in so many ways and has been topped off by a week that I’ll cherish forever in Palm Beach, Florida with 5,000 other incredible souls from 87 countries 🌍.

Filled with courage, laughter, tears and pure elation - this past week was about reconnecting with our core being, getting out of autopilot and taking 100% responsibility. By understanding our stories that we tell ourselves and letting go of those emotions that run our lives, we can reset and move to a story with enabling values and rules that help govern our lives to create an extraordinary life and ultimate freedom.

I was really touched by the incredible strength, the unrelenting courage to rise again and take responsibility whilst showing compassion and forgiveness. The transformations that Tony and Sage Robbins help people to achieve is truly remarkable, I have such admiration for their work. I’m eternally grateful to have spent this week in such an inspiring environment at the School of life.

Please watch I’m not your guru on Netflix if you haven’t seen it

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