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One Note - Its transformed the way i capture notes (with photos or handwritten using my apple pencil) and pretty much carry years of notebooks around with me in my pocket! Also being fully integrated into Microsoft Office beats other note taking apps.

Doodle - There's nothing worse than trying to find a time everyone is available for a business meeting or social catch up with friends, long email chains or Whatsapp messages. Doodle is a polling app that helps to find availability in a very simple way!

Pocket - I was fed up with forgetting really good articles or web links that I had been sent or discovered. My phone browser always had loads of different windows open with various things that I would hopefully get round to reading... Pocket is a neat app that allows you to save articles or web pages and view later (even without a web connection). I use use the chrome extension so that I can quickly add or view my pocket list on all devices.


Last Pass - with so may passwords I tried various apps which would help you to store them but where Last Pass really delivers is that with the Chrome extension it recognises the site and simply completes your login credentials making it so simple.

Simple Mind - A easy to use app that creates elegant mind maps and allows you to simply share with colleagues as a PDF. I love drawing out mind maps especially when I have a lot of information in my head and need to get it down on paper.

Trello - I use Trello extensively to help plan and keep on top of things both in business and in my personal life too. Trello is comprised of boards, lists and cards that help you to organise you life! There are some fascinating uses of Trello which are included in their blog which have inspired me to find new uses for Trello.

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