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I love listening to podcasts, such a great way to grow and learn whilst usually on the go whether a walk in the car or on a train. I tend to listen to podcasts which either challenge my perspective or give intimate access to successful people to learn from their lessons and utilise their experiences as best I can. As a result of listening to hundreds (if not thousands of podcasts I've got to hear some fascinating stories and come across many individuals and resources that I just wouldn't have discovered.

Here's a list of the podcasts that I subscribe to...



Malcolm Gladwell - Revisionist History - The incredible Malcolm Gladwell (the guy who wrote the tipping point & David and Goliath and more...) revisits moments in history that are often overlooked or misinterpreted and with his highly engaging style gives a unique perspective. My favourite episode from series 1 is "food fight". You can find out more by clicking here


Michael Gervais - Findning Mastery - Michael Gervais (a high performance psychologist) interviews some incredible performers in sport, business and music. With inspiring stories, Michael helps to breakdown the tactics and provide insights and frameworks from the discussions that each of us can apply to our lives.You can find out more by clicking here


Tim Ferriss Show - My favourite podcast, I usually listen to episodes within the first couple of days of being released, they're that good! Tim speaks to world class performers from various and diverse domains and is obsessed with unlocking the tools, techniques, beliefs, tactics (including the fine detail) and routines that they adopt! You can find out more by clicking here


The Tony Robbins Podcast - A man that needs no introduction, this podcast is an absolute must! Every show includes some inspirational speakers, I've literally made pages of much valued notes from this podcast alone. You can find out more by clicking here


Good Life Project - The host Jonathan Fields is an absolute master at creating deep and powerful conversations with amazing humans such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown and many more. You can find out more by clicking here


Where should we begin with Esther Perel


The work of Byron Katie


Against the Rules with Michael Lewis


Big Questions by Cal Fussman


Rich Roll Podcast


Hello Monday


Masters of scale with Reid Hoffman


Should this exist?

Adam Buxton

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