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#5 Sharing some things that I've Read, Heard & Seen

What I’ve read

2 Posts on the Wait but Why blog by Tim Urban (as a side you can watch his TED talk here on the inside the mind of a procrastinator). The first is The Tail End. The thing that stuck with me with this article is that when the average student graduates from college they will have spent 93% of their in-person time with the parents. So I’ve been desperately focusing on trying to make the most of it now…The second post is Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel a funny yet simple lesson on keeping in the moment.

What I’ve heard

An episode of the school of greatness podcast with Novak Djokovic. I learnt so much that I never knew about his incredible story from growing up during the war in Serbia to becoming who we all know as the world number 1 tennis player and serial grand slam winner.

What I’ve seen

Century of Self a documentary that you can watch on YouTube about Edward Bernays, the Nephew of Freud. Somebody I had never heard of until recently, he essentially studies how propaganda was used for war and worked out how such methods could be used in peace to control the masses. He unfortunately didn’t seek to use it for wider good but for his own bank balance, getting women to begin smoking by making the cigarette a symbol of women’s rights and getting ordinary people to buy shares by borrowing money from the banks he represented and many more. Recognising that propaganda was a bad word, he invented the term Public relations…

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